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The One Who Could Always Brighten Your Day


♚ Who am I?
Aka. Kioko
People have told me I’m: [a good listener] [kind] [sympathetic] [a person who smiles too much] [a patient person] [a girl with a sweet disposition] (I hope it’s the truth.)

I consider myself: [a rabid fangirl] [an avid reader] [a silly person] [a person who loves to chat] [an open-minded girl] [a video game fanatic] [a lover of music] [a lover of dreams] [a believer in love]

Friends only. Comment to be added - meeting new people is fun!

In my journal you will find: icons, graphics, and inevitably entries about my life.


Manga & Anime & Games: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles//Chobits//Cardcaptor Sakura//Ouran High School Host Club//D.N.Angel//Bleach//Tales of Symphonia//Shaman King//Kare Kano//Fruits Basket//Romeo x Juliet//Code Geass//La Corda D'Oro//Kuroshitsuji// Tales of the Abyss // Hetalia Axis Powers

I heart: Hihara//Len//Ichigo/Rukia//Yuki//Hikaru//Kaoru// Lelouch//Kratos//Syaoran/Sakura//Fai//Daisuke// Satoshi//Guy//Jade//Spain//Austria//Italy


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Kuchiki Rukia is bishie magnet love.

Hihara x Hino is sweet and innocent love

Hihara Kazuki is genki eats-ten-bags-of-sugar-a-day love